Monday, February 20, 2012

Straw/Netting Sat.18 Feb.2012

Netting peg over the straw.
Hi all,
We are busy preparing the main 4 plots ready for the start of the growing season,lots of our own compost put into these plots and covered with barley straw then covered with old football/tennis netting to keep it from blowing away if it is very windy and also keeps weeds from germinating and will not have to water as much during the summer months.I enclose some photo's of Dot,Bernard,Gaven and myself with the netting in place.

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South Circular Road Community Food Garden Project

The South Circular Road Community Food Garden Project started in April 2007. We have a derelict site on loan from ST Salvage Company that we have converted into a community food garden. This is a continuation of the initial successful Dolphins Barn Community squatted food garden that was on the canal from 2005 -2007.