Monday, December 14, 2009

saturday 12 Dec. 2009

Clearing of bramble and young tree saplings.

Area cleared of unwanted weeds and mulched to let Daffs have agood start,as they are showing their heads above ground.

Getting down to basic`s in weeding and gerenal maintance in the garden.
Some more of our people helping out.

Young Daff`s showing their heads after weeding.

We had a good turn out of people on the saturday.There we did some general garden tidying up as you can see from the photos I enclose.The area we mulched was to ensure that the spring bulbs ie daffs have a change to get a head before the weeds got a foot hold.

Enjoy your Community Garden,
Willie B. ;>)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Kale in the garden

Some of our plants gone to seed
Kale growing with nasturtiums.

More kale growing note;the soil covered after we spread our own compost on it with old carpet to keep weeds from growing.

Not many Cabbages left,also compost spread and soil covered to stop weed growing.

Hi all,
Bill & Dott took these photos of the kale growing in the community garden on sat. 14/11/09.

Willie B.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

LASC Conference

Community Gardens are radical spaces by Seoidín O’Sullivan

During the LASC conference I was re-reminded that community gardens are radical spaces through Alberta Carino Trujillo a Mixtec woman from Oaxaca. I spoke at a workshop about Dublin’s community gardens in which the term 'Food Sovereignty' emerged. ‘The Right to Produce’ explained Alberta ‘ …in South America the term 'Food Security' is associated with Food Aid and GMO crops so is not used by grass root organizations.’ Within community gardens we create and encourage 'Food Sovereignty'. A collective share a piece of land in Dublin’s inner city. We skill share, we grow our own food, we create a positive public space where trust is central. Community gardens provide a way for people to take responsibility for their localities and their means of food production. It gives marginalised and poorer communities access to fresh organic fruit and vegetables and learning on how to grow their own . This leads to empowerment. It provides agency. It’s a space that challenges the status quo and norms often based on fear and only concerned with profit. It’s a place where issues of ‘Food Sovereignty’ in Dublin can be directly addressed. A beautiful anecdote from Alberta during the workshop was that in her culture they do not just think of the next generation but they prepare and think about the next 6 generations of peoples. Now that is sustainability! The learning and solidarity that workshops like the one recently organised by LASC provide are invaluable.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Seed Saving in September

Roisín and her son at the picnic table (top picture). We discuss plans for a project to build a conservatory and water collection system in the community garden. Today we collected and packaged seeds. It was a beautiful warm sunny day.
Bridgette collects cabbages (bottom picture)to take to the sisters of charity local soup kitchen.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Enjoying the Bring and Share in the community garden.
Hi all,

On Saturday 5 Sept.09 the South Circular Road held a Harvest day gathering in our community garden.The day was sunny with abit of a breeze,we all brought food to the harvest and what was in season in the garden we brought to the table in a Bring and Share .Plenty of food was had by all,and a Big Thank You for those who brought along cooked food and special prepared mixtures, as it went down very well along with the wine and bubbly.

The day finished off with a small talk on seed saving,what to look out for when gathering seeds,and how to pot up strawberry runners into pots as a way to increase your supply of plants for the coming year.

Many of our fellow community interested friends chat and discuss the many different topics regarding community actives.
Thank you all for making it a wonderful day and for the pleasure of your company.
Willie B.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Keeping the garden in shape.
Garden shed been repaired by Jimmy.

Old computer been put to good use in the Hub studio car park in Dublin.

A few photo`s on how the garden is doing ,most of the now fully grown and as it ripens the community garden helper`s have a share in the produce.Will soon be looking into what plans for next year.
Willie B.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

sdcc Friarstown Allotments 25 July 09

Hi all,
I went to the open day in south dublin open day in friarstown allotment,I an enclosing some photo`s of the site.I have put all of the photo`s on a cd which I will bring down on saturday for people to take a look at.I also brought seeds for the community garden for next year,

they are as follows : Peas;Oregon Sugar Pod,Early Onward,Beans; French Bean Dwarf "Tender Green",French Bean Climbing"Blue Lake",Courette Golden Zucchini "Jemmer F1",Carrot; Autumn King,Early Nantes,Cabbage;Greyhound,Red Drumhead,Primo,Lettuce;Lobojoits Cos,Parsley;Extra Triple Curled,Tomato;Ailsa Craig.

Prize giving for best plants,ie Spuds,Cabbages

Good turn out for the allotments.

View of Dublin city from one section of allotments.
Surrounding lands adjoining allotments.
Willie B.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Saturday 18/7/09

Hi all,
Up to date on the growing in the community garden,see enclosed photo`s

Flowers in bloom in one section.

Some of produce of the garden,which is the fruit of labour of the community garden people.

Getting the compost turn so as to keep it active.

New layer of wood mulch layed on top of old carpet to stop to
non-wanted plants growing.
Getting new area ready.

Willie B. ;>)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cycle day 13 June 09

We had a cycle day on Saturday last,it was a glorious day Sun shinning and people in a happy mood .We met at the Garden of Remembrance all 25 or so of us would be cyclist ready to go on this sunny day.The object was to visit some of the community gardens around the city of Dublin.First stop was the Sitric garden on Stric rd. then on to Bridgefoot st.finishing off in South Circular Community garden.Last but not least a picnic in Dartmouth Sq. garden for some chat and some eating of garden products i.e. Scallots,Salads,Herbs.Please see photo`s of the days visits.

Dartmount Sq. Taking in the Sun ray`s and just enjoying ourselves
S.C.R. Community front of garden.
S.C.R. Enjoying the talk and having a look around the garden.
Dartmount Sq. Last port of call.
S.C.R. from a another angle.
Sitric rd. Plant supports.
Sitric rd. Notice board outside garden with local information.
Sitric rd. Using rain water with water plants
Sitric rd.Get`s lots of Sun.
Sitric rd.All eager to see the garden
Bridgefoot St. One of the committee given a talk on the garden.
Waste not want not in Bridgefoot St.
Raised beds ,some of the different plants in growth.Bridgefoot St.
Bridgefoot St. Use of netting to keep of unwelcome guest.
Bridgefoot st. still space left to be used.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Bloom & SCR community garden

Community garden from Greystones & Kilcool area using their banner to get the public interest at Bloom Garden show 2009.
Fresh batch of woodchips.

Dwarf beans planted among the Onions & Garlic.

Good use of netting to keep pigeon's away from cabbages.
Weather has been very good for the last week,lots of watering to keep plants in good condition during the growing season.Keep up the great work.
Willie B. ;>)

Art Workshops for children

Here are some art activities for children inspired by our community garden.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bloom 2009 28 May

Hi all,
Greetings from Bloom 09 just some photo`s I took when at Bloom in the park.It turned out to be a very warm sunny day,lots to see.If you are intending to go it well worth while.

Willie B. ;>)

Looking into our Speakers tent at Bloom 09
Community garden show area

Looking out from our area

What you can do with an old washing machine & cooker

Interesting designs

Curved walls and seating

Back garden plots

South Circular Road Community Food Garden Project

The South Circular Road Community Food Garden Project started in April 2007. We have a derelict site on loan from ST Salvage Company that we have converted into a community food garden. This is a continuation of the initial successful Dolphins Barn Community squatted food garden that was on the canal from 2005 -2007.