Friday, March 27, 2009

Griffith Barracks School's Plot

On Wednesday, Griffith Barracks Multi Denominational school's green council ( walked down to the community garden with a wheel barrow of compost. They had a tour of the garden and added the compost that they had made to the plot that we have given them. They each planted peas that we had saved from last year. We are looking forward to having them participate in the project.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Its that time of the year

Ah the start of a new growing season.
Our new community compost bin area.

New area for our fruit shrubs.

New tent like small green house.

Planting starts anew with Onions & Scallots.

Time to get the seeds and start growing in "09"

Starting to plant our Onions and Scallots in our bed 1 as the new growing year starts in March 09 .

South Circular Road Community Food Garden Project

The South Circular Road Community Food Garden Project started in April 2007. We have a derelict site on loan from ST Salvage Company that we have converted into a community food garden. This is a continuation of the initial successful Dolphins Barn Community squatted food garden that was on the canal from 2005 -2007.